Greater Baltimore Temple Greater Baltimore Hindu-Jain Temple

2909 Bloom Road,    P.O.Box 690
Finksburg,    MD 21048
Phone: 410-861-8387

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Community Hall Rental Request

To request the Community Center Hall, you may send us email or send in a request by postal mail.

GBT Make sure to include your:

   1. Full Name
   2. Postal Address
   3. Telephone Number
   4. Email Address (optional)

with your rental request.

Pictures of the Community Hall

GBT       GBT       GBT       GBT       GBT       GBT

Also please send your check
(payable to "Greater Baltimore Temple")
for the rental amount to:

Greater Baltimore Temple P.O.Box 690,
Finksburg. MD 21048

GBT Email

Pictures of the Community Hall Lobby

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