Pandit Padmanabha Joshi studied in Haridwar, Uttar Pradesh. He obtained his SHASTRI and Acharya (M.A. in Sanskrit) degrees from Sampurnanada Sanskrit University, Varanasi, U.P.  At Meerut University, Meerut, he obtained his B.A.He studied the Vedas, Upanishadas, Puranas among other courses, and obtained Pourohitya Bhushanam from Rishikul Vidya Peeth in Haridwar, U.P. Additionally, pandit Joshiji studied Adhyatma Yoga from The Divine Life Society, Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, U. P.

Starting in 1981, Pandit Joshiji worked as a priest in the Bharat Mata Mandir where he performed his duties for the following 5years. He then moved on to work for PrabhuPremi Sangh, Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Camp, Haryana as an editor for the religious hindi magazine, PrabhuPremPukar. In 1991, Pandit Joshiji migrated to Columbia, South Carolina, where he was the priest in the Hindu Temple & Cultural Center of South Carolina. He remained there until he relocated to Maryland in 1998, to become the chief priest at the Greater Baltimore Temple.

In addition to the daily pujas performed at the temple, he specializes in the following kathas: Shree Madbhagwat Katha, Shree Mad Ramayana Katha, Shree Mad Devi bhagwat Katha, and Shree Shiva Purana Katha.  Pandit Joshiji speaks many languages, amongst them: Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, English, Nepalese and a little Punjabi.

Pandit SinganallurVenkatesa Murali studied Yajur Veda from Veda PatashalaChittur, Kerala for 6yrs in Krishna Yajur Veda. Then he did the “SHASTRI” course in Sanskrit from Kendriya Sanskrit Vidya Peeth, Tirupati A. P.

Pandit Muraliji has obtained many degrees: a M.A. in Sanskrit from Sri Venkateshwara University Tirupati, A. P.; a Master of Philosophy and a Ph.D in Sanskrit from Dehli University, specializing in Advatha Vedanta. Then he went on to obtain a Master of Education as well as a Master of Library Information Science from Annamali University, Tamil Nadu.

After serving as a Hindu Priest in the Indian Army for 16years, Pandit Muraliji worked as Hindu Priest in the Hindu Temple, Ottawa Canada before moving to The Hindu Temple in Nebraska. He then served as the Hindu priest at the Sanatan Dharma Mandir in Tampa Florida prior to joining the Greater Baltimore Temple in 2015, where he still serves as a Hindu Priest


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